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Extreme Glow Hair, Nails, and Skin by Purelistic Health

Our skin, the largest organ of our body, acts as a protective barrier against damaging stimuli. The skin is responsible for regulating temperature, the production of vitamin D, and so on.  In addition, skin and its appendages, hair, and nails also cater to our aesthetics.

The millennials are living a fast-paced lifestyle. The ever-competitive environment requires us to look our best. And looking our best has more to do with skin's health status than the ornamental powder and paint.

They say beauty is skin-deep. That holds for our skin health as well.

Unfortunately, our skin is the earliest to bear the brunt of ill-health inside our bodies.

For example, lack of hemoglobin in blood gives a pale appearance to the skin, while signs of jaundice also affect the skin.

Similarly, lack of nutritional elements in our body exhibits themselves as symptoms like dry and rough skin, parched hair, and brittle nails, to name a few.

Skincare experts also recommend improving the nutrient intake to bolster the health of the skin and its appendages. Once the skin structure is reinforced, its functional efficacy is upgraded. Such skin glows from inside out, a phenomenon reflected in beautiful hair and nails.

 Regrettably, our diets lack essential nutrients, both macro, and micronutrients. The snappy and express lifestyles of ours leave less time for consuming healthy balanced diets.

It is here that nutritional supplements come to our rescue. One such is Extreme Glow Hair, Nails, and Skin by Purelistic Health

The team at Purelistic Health realizes the importance of nutritional supplementation.

That is why they have come up with a product that combines the authority of nutrients in a power-packed supplement formula, the Extreme Glow Hair, Nails, and Skin.

The creators of this supplement claim that the ingredients make your skin healthy from deep within, in addition to making your hair and nail beautiful and healthy.

Ingredients of Extreme Glow Hair, Nails, and Skin

The label of the subject supplement displays the following ingredients.

  1. Collagen hydrolysate

Collagen is the most touted of all ingredients stated for skin health.

Collagen is a common protein present in the body.

It provides structural and functional support to the skin, connective tissue, and bones.

Collagen accounts for three-fourth of the dry weight of skin.

Hydrolyzed collagen is when collagen undergoes the process of hydrolysis and gets broken down into smaller protein molecules. The process makes the collagen easily absorbed by the body.

The skin collagen, though abundant, undergoes declining levels as we age. Studies prove that oral supplementation of collagen, particularly hydrolyzed collagen, can improve skin health.

One such study concluded that eight weeks of supplementation with hydrolyzed collagen improved the participants' skin elasticity and moisture levels.

Another study seconded the results by showing that supplementing with collagen enhanced the nail's growth, improved the texture, and decreased nail breakage after 24 weeks.

Yet another study concluded that supplementation with oral collagen increases bioactive peptides in the bloodstream.

The same results were observed in several studies where supplementing with collagen improved hair growth and reduced thinning hair.

  1. Methylsulfonylmethane

MSM is a sulfur-containing compound present naturally in plants, animals, and humans, while its synthetic preparations are also available.

There has been a buzz about the possible benefits of MSM for skin and hair health. The chemical is especially advocated for its effects on hair growth and treatment for alopecia.

Another study evaluated the effects of oral ingestion of MSM. The results showed that MSM had significantly improved the skin texture, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin firmness, and hydration. MSM was beneficial even when taken in as low a dose as one gram per day as per the study.

In another study, a high dose of MSM (3 grams per day) was more efficient in improving hair and skin health. The researcher attributed these upshots to enhanced keratin levels (primary protein of skin, hair, and nails) brought about by the MSM supplementation.

  1. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance responsible for maintaining hydration levels in the skin. It thereby helps ease away fine lines and wrinkles that start to appear with advancing years.

Many skin care products contain hyaluronic acid as a topical ingredient. However, studies have proved that oral supplementation with the element helps improve the skin's moisture content and hydration levels. The results of oral supplementation with hyaluronic acid are more lasting, which is specifically beneficial for dry skin.

  1. Horsetail

Horsetail is an herbal ingredient extracted from a type of fern. It contains two critical ingredients touted for contributing to the health of the skin and its appendages.

Horsetail extract is shown to speed up skin repair and the healing process. This is important for preserving skin structure and function.

Horsetail is also observed to improve nail texture and help manage many nail diseases.

Also, the silica content of horsetail extract helps to improve hair health by;

Same hair-benefiting results were seen with oral ingestion of horsetail supplements in women, according to one study.  

  1. Vitamins

The Purelistic Extreme Grow Hair, nails, and skin also contains vitamins essential for skin health. These include;


  1. Biotin

Biotin requires special citing. Biotin belongs to the B group of vitamins and is linked to preserving healthy hair, nails, and skin. Though its role in maintaining hair health requires further research, the benefits of oral biotin for improving the firmness, hardness, and thickness of brittle nails are patent.

The deficiency of biotin impairs skin, hair, and nail health. A study showed the benefits of oral biotin in improving hair health in children.

  1. Minerals

The Purelistic Extreme Glow Hair, Nails, and Skin also contains minerals like iodine, zinc, and selenium, each playing a specific role in maintaining and preserving the health of skin and its appendages.

All of the minerals present in the supplement are potent antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress and improve the body's immunity at the cellular level. This has a huge role to play when it comes to skin, hair, and nail health.

The pros of Extreme Glow

  • An effective combination of conventional and herbal ingredients
  • A supplement specifically designed to target the health of skin and its appendages
  • It contains patent and scientifically backed ingredients
  • It has a clinically effective dose of each ingredient
  • A gluten-free supplement
  • Contains no soy or its derivatives
  • No additives as artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, or sweeteners
  • Made in the U.S. under vigilant quality control measures
  • No side effects

The cons of Extreme Glow

The only disadvantage of Extreme Glow is that it contains bovine-derived collagen that makes it unsuitable for vegans.

Our Verdict

The Purelistic Extreme Glow Hair, Nails, and Skin is an authentic supplement with science-backed ingredients proven to help improve the health of skin and its appendages.

The supplement is recommended because it combats the root cause of skin damage at cellular level and provides a lasting solution.



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