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Our Mission

Our mission at Purelistic Health and Beauty is to offer a wide range of superior organic products that promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe in the power of nature and we strive to provide our customers with exceptional options.

We provide soaps, body butters, oils, body scrubs, hair conditioners, shampoos and skincare products. All our products are free from harmful chemicals.

Our commitment extends beyond personal well-being to the environment.  We prioritize sourcing and produce products that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

We are dedicated to educating our customers about the numerous benefits of natural products as we empower them to make informed choices about their health and the planet.

By locally making our products and sourcing ethically, we aim to support local communities and foster a sense of social responsibility.

About the Founder, Leticia Long

Leticia Long's journey in the beauty industry is filled with passion, determination, and a drive to make a positive impact. Inspired by her beautiful mother, Eloise Long, Leticia discovered her love for the beauty industry at an early age and was influenced by her mother's emphasis on self-care.

After high school, Leticia began her career as a makeup artist for Fashion Fair Cosmetics, one of the leading black skincare companies in America. With years of experience in the makeup industry, Leticia decided to expand her skills and became a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician in the late '90s. She specialized in hair extensions and replacement, as well as skincare, which allowed her to showcase her talents on an independent level.

In 2003, Leticia opened her own salon, Hair X More and years later, she expanded her business to include a beauty spa.

In 2006, Leticia launched Leticia Long Cosmetics, a cosmetic line specifically catered to women of color. Despite facing challenges and rejection from a major household name due to distribution limitations, Leticia's passion remained strong. She drew inspiration from Madam C J Walker, and the late Dr. Willey Marrow, who encouraged her to stand up in the beauty and haircare arena and make a difference.

Leticia also collaborates with other chemists who share her dedication to beauty arena and haircare.

In 2020 Leticia opened Inches Away Now and Dojusi Salon. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, she had to close her doors, and during that same year, she experienced the tragic loss of her dear mother, Eloise Long. This devastating event caused Leticia to face a brief period of depression.

Leticia, however, used this difficult time as fuel for something positive and powerful. She channeled her energy into creating Purelistic Health and Beauty, which became a collection of her knowledge and expertise in skincare, haircare, and body care accumulated over 25 years in the industry.

Education and knowledge play a crucial role in Leticia's approach. She firmly believes that investing in one's skin is the key to obtaining positive results. Leticia is driven by her love for what she does and strives to create, meet, and inspire people with her skin, hair, and beauty products.

Purelistic Health and Beauty can be found inside the Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Arizona.

Leticia's expertise and dedication have garnered attention, and she has been featured on local news channels such as ABC 15 Sonoran Living Live and STN Studios. Her aspirations extend beyond local recognition, as she plans to grow Purelistic Health and Beauty into a global company. All of her products are proudly made in Phoenix, Arizona, highlighting her commitment to local manufacturing.

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