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"Thanks to Leticia for introducing me to Purelistic Health her products have made a major change in my life . I was having shortness of breath, low energy and dry brittle skin. She told me about NAC and it's benefits along with the other supplements. I can honestly say my breathing has improved tremendously and my energy level is 80 percent back. I have returned to the gym and I am now training w/ a personal trainer; my skin is looking supple and glowing and my hair has grown an inch or so.. all within six weeks. I love these products and I will continue to be a customer. Thanks for helping me Leticia and Purelistic Health."

~Rochelle W,



"I absolutely love Purelistic Health in particular, Complexion Corrector, Extreme Glow and NAC. They have been a game changer for me in a major way... I tell all my clients and every one I meet about it and I will forever use them." I recommend everyone try it for at least 6 months; you wont be disappointed.

~Leticia L


 "I love the NAC my immune system is stronger than ever before."

~Codie B